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"Thank you so much for sending Victor and Antonio out yesterday. They did a fabulous job." - S. Thomason

I have been using JN'L for many years. From losing power to our weather head, from age and wear, to the welding machines having issues, (the main part of our business), to our paint booth going down, I no longer panic. After one phone call, a JN'L crew is in route and within a very short time we are back up and running each time! Not to mention, the wonderful and professional staff! You guys are the best! - BBQ Pits By Klose

Great people working here. You can absolutely trust them with your business!
Our AC stopped working, and we were referred by the AC repair worker to have JN'L Electric come fix a wiring issue so the central AC would work again. They were extremely kind, arrived quickly, customer service was courteous and responsive to my questions. The repair included a warranty on their service for one year, they will return to fix electrical issue if it ever becomes an issue again. Trustworthy, nice and a good bargain for the service and included warranty.

They replaced my electrical panel, every light fixture, all my outlets and all my switches in my house. The customer service and friendly employees were second to none. Believe me, I had a few issues come up (on my end) and they were very accommodating and rolled with the punches. I would give them a referral to anyone who needs an electrician. In all their work you could tell it was performed with pride in God and quality. I couldn't have found a better company to work with.
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